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Exclusive Insights that makes you win

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Exclusive Insights that makes you win

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About the company

And how we metamophorzised into D-Aggregate

We started the journey to D-Aggretate as a buisness intellignce and analytics department in 2017 with approximately 3000 aggregator across Nigeria. Today, We have over 25,000 aggregators network around different countries in africa who have developed required skills overtime to collect data in the urban and rural communities.

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Get Insight From Market Data

We collect high quality data to guide investment in the developing countries. With over 6.7Billion population in the developing countries which is over 70% of world population, these countries remains the biggest market of the future.


Data Aggregation

We collect accurate data for small, medium and large organisation to enter into a new market, gain insight into the existing market and informed desicion.



Our research experts develop best research methods and designs to help organisation achieve their objectives on both new and existing products.


Data Integration (API)

Our API helps startups and multinationals integrate easily with raw data collected from different sector of the economy.


Agent Network as a Service

Our aggregators helps organizations collect data and deliver on projects related to customer acquisition, research, field work, financial inclusion etc


Data Analytics & Consulting

We deliver best analytics tools and report for organisation to help drive informed decision and productivity.


Social Inclusion

We partner with private and public organisations to design, monitor, evaluate and implement social investment programs across different demographics in African and developing countries.


Case Studies


MSME Survival Fund

Survival Fund Program was designed by FMITI(Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment) in partnership with BOI, this was part of covid-relief program designed to alleviate poverty caused by covid-19. We got recommended for this project in 2019 and we delivered 500,000 data records of artisans and transport workers across Nigeria.


Pladis Retail Survey

Pladis is a conglomerate FMCG Multinational focused on biscuits and confectionaries. We delivered data aggregation of open market and retail neighbourhood across Lagos. Approximately 5000 biscuits selling retail neighbourhood stores and 3000 biscuit retailers and wholesales across selected markets.


Nestle BSO

Nestle BSO(BSO defined as BEST, STANDARD & OUT stores) was designed for Nestle Nigeria Plc with focus on ensuring nestle products reach the last-mile retail channel both in the neighbourhood and open market. We delivered product merchanding data aggregation and brand visibility for nestle across “120,000 Stores”.This project was a success across 36 states in Nigeria and FCT-Abuja.


Friesland Campina

Friesland Campina perfect store project was aimed to improve brand visibility for friesland product categories across “10,000 stores” in Nigeria.



GEEP is a federal government program designed by Bank of Industry and our data analytics department in 2018. We started with BOI from designing strategy down to implementation stage. In the same year, we delivered 2Million data records of informal traders in Nigeria. The program was awarded and recognized by AU as the biggest social investment program in sub-saharan Africa.


LSETF Empowerment Program

LSETF(Lagos State Employment Trust Fund) program was designed in conjuction with UNICEF to aggregate data of MSMEs within the age of 18-30years in Lagos. We delivered 8000 data records of young MSMEs in Lagos, who got empowered through trainings and funds to improve their business.