Terms and Conditions for The Use of D-Aggregate

Welcome to the D-Aggregate,The use of the Website is subject to the terms and conditions set out herein (the “Terms & Conditions”). The Terms & Conditions form part of the Contract that governs Access to and the use of the Platform by the Subscriber.The Subscriber is advised to read the Terms & Conditions carefully. By signing the acceptance form below, the Subscriber agrees to comply with and be bound by the Terms & Conditions and other parts of the Contract.IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE CONTRACT, DO NOT USE, ACCESS OR SUBSCRIBE TO THE PLATFORM. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION, PLEASE CONTACT US AT info@d-aggregate.com

These Terms & Conditions constitute a binding contract between D-Aggregate and the Subscriber (the “Parties”). Electronic signatures (or copies of signatures sent via electronic means) are the equivalent of written and signed documents.

The Terms & Conditions may be supplemented by a Special Conditions of Contract signed by the Parties. Such Special Conditions of Contract (which where they exist in relation to a Subscriber, also form part of the Contract) will supersede the provisions of the Terms & Conditions to the extent provided in that Special Conditions of Contract. Other documents making up the Contract (except the Special Conditions of Contract where they exist in relation to a Subscriber) shall be read together with the provisions of the Terms & Conditions, and where there is a conflict, the provisions of the Terms & Conditions shall apply. D-Aggregate reserves the right to update and amend the Terms & Conditions and to develop and modify the Platform, by notifying the Subscriber through an email on the Platform that the Terms & Conditions have been updated and modified. The updated and amended Terms & Conditions will be effective as soon as is accessible. The continued use of the Platform by the Subscriber after notification of such changes and amendments shall constitute the Subscriber‚s consent to such changes and amendments.


Grant of Access

Following the completion of the registration process on the Platform and upon the acceptance by the Subscriber of the Terms & Conditions, D-Aggregate shall grant to the Subscriber on the Access Date, Access to the Platform to perform the activities set out in Annexure A. Upon acceptance of the Terms & Conditions, the Subscriber shall be permitted to create an Account on the Platform with its own unique log-in-details (the “Log-in Credentials”).

Access is granted to the Subscriber and its employees only and not to any third parties. The Subscriber and its employees will effect and maintain adequate security measures to safeguard against access to or use of the Platform by unauthorized persons (including without limitation, safeguarding its Log-in Credentials and other security arrangements). The Subscriber must immediately notify D-Aggregate if it's Log-in Credentials have been compromised and provide all reasonable assistance to bring an end to any unauthorized access or use of the Platform through the Subscriber‚s Log-in-Credentials.

Payment Terms

D-Aggregate shall be entitled to the Service Fee set out in the Payment Schedule. No returns or refunds will be granted on purchase of licenses for Access. Other payment terms as set out in the Payment Schedule shall apply.

Training and Technical Support

The User Manual for the Platform shall be available along with the Platform. Additionally, as part of the onboarding process before or after the Access Date, D-Aggregate will provide sufficient guidance to the Subscriber and its selected Personnel on the use of the Platform.

D-Aggregate shall also provide ongoing technical support to the Subscriber where required in relation to the use of the Platform. To this end, the Subscriber may reach D-Aggregate‚s customer service unit via info@d-aggregate.com from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 5 pm. D-Aggregate will ensure that responses are provided to all Subscriber’s complaints within 48 hours of receipt and shall use reasonable endeavors to address and resolve all complaints promptly.

Platform Availability

D-Aggregate shall use reasonable endeavors to make the Platform available at all times. However, D-Aggregate reserves the right to modify, partially or completely suspend the Access, to the extent necessary to:

a)Ensure the security and stability of the Platform in accordance with Applicable Laws.
b)Carry out repairs and maintenance of the Platform and to implement relevant updates to the Platform.
c)Add new or enhance features and functionalities of the Platform when required.