Effortlessly Manage Fund Allocation and Distribution with Our Fund Disbursement Solutions.

Attain Universal Eradication of Extreme Poverty Among Residents within a Defined Geographic Region.

Ensure all citizens have equal rights to economic resources.

Poverty allieviation for Govenments and International Organisations.

Automate Fund Allocation Processes with Our Software Solution.

Efficient and secured Data Collection Technology

Beneficiary identity and verification

Funds support and disbursement

Programs and Sensitization

If current trends continue, 575 million people will still be living in extreme poverty and only one-third of countries will have halved their national poverty levels by 2030 (SDG)


Efficient and Secured Data Collection Technology

We help governments and international organizations distribute funds accurately, prevent fraud, and respond promptly to needs. This ensures transparency and compliance, building public trust. Overall, this technology streamlines fund disbursement for effective governance and goals.

Beneficiary identity and verification

We employ secured methods like biometrics to ensure accuracy and accountability. This expedites aid delivery, promotes transparency, and bolsters efficient resource utilization, benefiting governments and international organizations..

Funds Support and Disbursement

Optimizing resource allocation for governments and international organizations. This streamlined approach ensures targeted aid distribution, bolstering transparency and impact in humanitarian and developmental efforts.

Automated Fund Distribution

We offer automated solutions that streamline the process of distributing funds to beneficiaries, with both the enumerators on the field engaged in the onboarding of beneficiaries and the stakeholders managing the project. This automation helps reduce manual errors and ensures timely disbursement.

Payment Processing

We handle payment processing for government parastatals and international organizations, enabling them to make bulk payments to multiple beneficiaries at once. This includes services like direct deposits, electronic funds transfers (EFT), and social fund card.

Fund Disbursement Reporting

We offer reporting tools that provide insights into fund disbursement activities. This helps to keep track of the disbursement processes and ensure compliance.

Secured Transactions

We Ensure the security of financial transactions is paramount. Fund disbursement services implement robust security measures to protect sensitive financial data and prevent fraudulent activities.

Execution Stages

Softcare is a proprietary software that we have created at D-Aggregate Technologies to manage the process of fund disbursement

SoftCare Execution Stages

Planning, Command Center Setup.

  • Leading up to the start of the project, our team will engage with all the stakeholders and set up our command center
  • The command center will be the operational hub which will include operators stationed at every region. These operators will be acquianted with the local languages and will be trained to respond to queries and issues on the field.
  • Enumerators will also be employed from each targeted regions. Softcare App will be used to capture data of beneficiaries.
  • They will be properly trained on Softcare usage and how the data capturing process works.
  • During this period, stakeholders can also embark on a pre-project sensitization program to make beneficiaries aware of the program and what to expect.

Softcare Features

  • At this stage, the enumerators will use the Softcare App for the data capturing process.
  • Both Defacto and Dejure processes will be used. Defacto process involves the enumerator meeting the target wherever they are found, while Dejure involves meeting the target at their place of residence. The choice will be determined by considered conditions during the planning process.
  • The Softcare whitelist system will involve an integration system with a Fintech solution or social fund card so beneficiaries can get funds to be withdrawn in cash out points located across the regions, this will benefit the unbanked.


  • A sensitization program will be carried out across all the LGAs.
  • It will be at a vantage point (an open field) in the LGAs where beneficiaries will come out and give an account of their experience.
  • The SSA and other government officials can also be on the ground to talk to the people.


  • The Softcare App is set up to make reporting easy and seamless. The stakeholders can view what is happening throughout the project.
  • These reports update all stakeholders on the progress of the project and point out areas that need intervention or attention.
  • At the end of the project, a comprehensive close out report will be submitted.
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